35 (sango)
Branding / Art Direction / Graphic Design 
Naming, Logo, Key Visual, Uniform, Shopcard, Coaster, Chopstick Bag
Branding of a seafood tachinomi bar that opened near Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto. (Now closed)
The location of the shop is like a hideaway in a place like a narrow alley in the station.
In the sea, anemone fish hide in coral, and if Kyoto is likened to a single sea, the existence of the shop resembles the existence of such coral, so I named it 35 (sango). Also, the coral in the logo design is shaped to look like 35.

I wanted to stick to the warmth of the logo, so I created it based on handwriting.
And I explored a balance between making the number 35 easy to understand and hard to understand.
The parts of the key visual are expressed in a good balance of digital and analog using stamping techniques.

Cl : 35(sango)
AD, D : Takuma Tahara
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