Branding  VI / Logo/ Package / Store exterior, Interior / and more
BREADER is a luxury shokupan, or white bread, specialty shop born out of the owner’s admiration for his father and the discovery of the delicious fresh water of Shiga’s Harie district.
Here, two types of delectable shokupan bread, featuring an abundance of Shiga’s rich natural offerings, have been carefully selected for your eating pleasure. Each loaf is crafted so as to offer a uniquely exquisite taste and appearance.
BREADER’s owner has worked tirelessly to pack all he loves and aspires to, not only into his breads, but also into the products’ packaging and the design of the store itself.

Logo Naming, Design

Shop Card (Letterpress printing)

Shop Bag

Spread Package

Gift Box Package

Meal Menu

Pre-open Flyer

Spread Takeout Bag


Web Design(PC,SP)
Creative Direction, Graphic Design:Takuma Tahara
Photographer:Yuka Yanazume, Kyotaro Murata
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