Piic Inc.
Art Direction / Graphic Design
滋賀県を拠点にしているデザイン会社 Piic Inc.のコーポレートロゴ、名刺、封筒、WEBをデザインしました。
I designed the corporate logo, business cards, envelopes, and WEB of Piic Inc. a design company based in Shiga prefecture.
The logo design is a combination of the initial letter "P" of the company name and the Japanese katakana "ピ".
It is a design that expresses the encounter between people and makes it look like they are bowing, "Nice to meet you" and "Thank you."

Client:Piic Inc. https://piic.co.jp
Graphic Design, Web Direction:Takuma Tahara
Photographer:Tomoya Hasegawa
Web Designer:Aoi Takeyama
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